Professional Branding Services

My clients report back that they received more than a résumé. We often uncover great content for interviews, cover letters, networking conversations, and LinkedIn profiles.

While working with me, you will learn why your Master Résumé shines and will know how to create targeted résumés for individual job applications. But I have had many clients request targeted resumes – especially when they need them quickly.

Each client’s needs are different, so my packages vary. Below are my most common packages. My prices are based upon how much time I spend on the project. After our consultation, I will give you a quote. Get in touch today!

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Dual Branding Documents

Master Résumé/LinkedIn Profile.

Ranging from $300-$650 (Résumé) + $100 (LinkedIn)

Résumé & Interview Stories

Master Résumé/Interview Prep Prompts.

Ranging from $150-$650 (Résumé) + $50 (Prompts)

Targeted Résumé Packages

Targeted résumés, for Master Résumé clients, built upon your Master Résumé, each aligned with a specific job application.

$150/2 (job application résumés) ($50 apiece after the first two) 24-hour turnaround available (addl. $100/résumé)

I’m looking forward to working with you.

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