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Holly J. Waite, M.Ed.
Certified Professional Resume Writer/Career Coach, Branding Specialist & Global Career Development Facilitator/Workforce Trainer

My background

Over ten years of coaching, advising and managing workforce development programs has brought me into contact with people with varied industry and job function targets; master’s level, community college and training program students; and entry level to executive career and job seekers.

2022 Résumé Review Service

My Services

Capturing the Uniqueness

Inventories & Assessments/ Master Résumé
Story and fact-gathering geared toward your industry/job function
$300 – $650

Refining the Vision

LinkedIn Profile Refinement
Informed, up-to-date branding advice ~ $150

Polishing the Presentation

Targeted Résumés
ATS-optimized, focused résumé to accompany a job application – for returning Master Résumé clients ~ $100

Interview Preparation Sessions for returning Master Résumé clients ~ $150

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