Great Resignation?

January can be a perfect time for self-reflection – especially in the Boston area where temperatures this MLK weekend have started in the one-digits.

Our current times are characterized by extremes with isolation or crowded, over-stimmed-complicated home lives; joblessness or pandemic-driven, high-stress workplaces; we are all face-to-face with more decisions than ever before. 35,000 decisions each day, according to Psychology Today.

Probably, you have not had a chance to sit back and think about how you have rocked-it and have adapted and flexed in your home and work life.

  • How do you make your company profitable right now? What part are you playing?
    • Are you saving them time with your tech-savvy?
    • Are you increasing their positive public visibility?
    • Are you optimizing or streamlining processes?
    • Are you maintaining remote team collaboration?
    • Are you bringing in new clients or partners?
    • Have you developed ways to personally time manage and switch-task?
    • What else? (Reflect on previous positions, too. And you can bring your focus to your home life once you have completed the workplace exercise.)

Does your Résumé (or LinkedIn Profile) reflect the strengths and unique perspective and abilities you bring to the workplace? Whether you are seeking a promotion or a new position in data science, IT, project management, human resources, higher education, healthcare, or life sciences … you can make it easier to connect with your next hiring manager by hiring a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

As both a Résumé Writer and Career Consultant, I will work with you to draw out and illuminate your uniqueness. I offer a Résumé Review if you wish to DIY, fine-tune your own, too. The fee is deductible from my Master Résumé service.

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