Shifting into a New Industry?

If you have ever learned a foreign language, you know that fluency doesn’t happen overnight. You must work at it – regularly. Shifting to a new industry takes the same kind of effort. I advise my clients to allow 6 months – and if the pandemic lingers on, maybe more. Americans successfully change industries 3-6Continue reading “Shifting into a New Industry?”

Great Resignation?

January can be a perfect time for self-reflection – especially in the Boston area where temperatures this MLK weekend have started in the one-digits. Our current times are characterized by extremes with isolation or crowded, over-stimmed-complicated home lives; joblessness or pandemic-driven, high-stress workplaces; we are all face-to-face with more decisions than ever before. 35,000 decisionsContinue reading “Great Resignation?”

Refresh your Résumé in 2022

~ $50 Résumé Review ~ Need advice for a DIY resume? If you want to save some money and create your own, sign up here. I will provide a 1/2-hour Zoom meeting to help you get your résumé up-to-date, applicant tracking-ready and targeted to the job you want. (Paypal pre-payment required) Within 24-hours of ourContinue reading “Refresh your Résumé in 2022”